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>> alisyn: we use our finger to show them. >> brian: or if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. among people on our show, alisyn camerota. >> alisyn: what? i'm going to tune in. bill: here we go with a fox news alert. air raid sirens wailing, rockets heading towards jerusalem. hillary clinton is on her way to the region to try to mediate an end to the fighting. there are more developments that have a direct impact on all of this. martha: time is running out for any quick peaceful resolution to all of this. israel saying it will hold on a ground invasion for 48 hours to see if an egyptian-brokered peace could take hold. in the meantime the bombs are
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still falling. israel is stepping up their assaults on key hamas targets. bill: lelan vittert joins us on the gaza border. there was talk of a cease-fire. where are we on that? >> reporter: israeli radio which has a reliable track record is quoting officials saying there will be a an aments early as tonight. from egypt they are saying israeli aggression will cease. israeli air strikes continue to pound away at the gaza strip. we are at over 110 deaths inside the gaza strip. much of hamas and islamic jihad
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infrastructure has been damaged as has been their ability to launch rockets. that was the point, to destroy their ability to launch rockets. also to take out jihad military wings which they have done as well. secretary of state hillary clinton will land here in israel. meet with prime minister netanyahu and we have heard a couple high-ranking officials here in israel including the german foreign minister and the unitetheunited nations secretary-general. the actual cease-fire announcement could happen in egypt as the fighting continues here. bill: what have you observed in the past several hours where you are? what's happening on the ground, leland? >> reporter: you would think
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in the few hours before a cease-fire things would lighten up. not in the middle east. everybody wants to get in as many shots as they can. the israeli military has been launching strikes into gaza and there are a lot of rockets coming out of the gaza strip. the militants have been able to figure out how to overcop the iron dome missile defense system, launching multiple salvos at one location. they hit a house and also a bus. there has been one person killed, a couple more injured inside israel. the question going forward is at what point will everyone get the message to stop firing. you may still have that ground war but we are moving in the direction of peace rather than war. too early to read the tea leaves
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for sure. bill: leland vittert back on the ground at the border. martha: hamas says israel is the atbressor. >> i think it's clear we don't have any ambitions to conquer lands or gain any advantages. but to stop the fire. martha. bill: can a truce be reached and will hillary clinton make a difference? we'll be joined by the former chief of staff for the prime minister. we'll get his take on whether we see a cease-fire or escalation of fighting. we have reached that point, make
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or break. martha: the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. a man with a knife and an ax went after a security guard. they are saying this attack has nothing to do with the gaza conflict but is personal in nature. bill: there are dramatic details on the e-mails sent by david petraeus' ex-mistress to someone she thought was her rival. her notes threatened to quote make kelley go away. the bureau soon tracked the e-mails to broadwell fan quickly discovered the affair so we all know now publicly. martha: paula broad well also had a run-in with a freelance
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photographer trying to get a picture of her getting into her car. she swung the car open and hit the camera and the camera hit his face and left a bloody mark. broadwell said, sorry, as she drove away. the maker of twinkies and its striking unions have agreed to meet with the judge and he will try to broker a new contract. the standoff began when the company proposed wage and pension cuts. fit was unable to reach a deal that's where we ended up where we were 24 hours ago. the deal included an 8% wage cuts. earlier this year hostess filed for bankruptcy saying it has $1.3 billion in debt. but the ceo says the labor dispute isn't the only problem.
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>> we sell $2.5 billion of these products. it's the cost structure. if you can't sell at a profit then you are not in business. martha: stuart varney joins me now. >> when you try to figure out the future of the twinkie and hostess you have to bear there are mind from elements. in the bankruptcy court hearing the department of justice said this liquidation deal is too sweet for management. some senior managers will get up to 75% of their salary to stick around and wind down the country. too sweet says the department of justice. the judge says you have got to keep talk. the union says we may preserve our jobs because somebody will buy the valuable brand. management says who will buy the
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company with a wildly expensive labor force and inefficient labor force. i thinkle you will see the twingey survive but the unions only have a temporary stay of execution. martha: it goes back to the business model saying our cost structure has gotten out of control. i wonder what analysts think about the structure of this company and whether in the end it would survive in a healthier way if they did downsize or were acquired by somebody. >> the brand is valuable. brings in $2.5 billion in revenue. but the organization is riddled with inefficiency and an expensive labor force. n if somebody buys it, by retains the brand and gets rid of the labor force they might see profitability it's only a temporary stay of execution for
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the union. they are probably going out of this one. martha: we'll see you soon. bill: we are just getting started on a tuesday. 4 americans are in custody accused of wanting to wage violent jihad against their country. martha: the countdown to the fiscal cliff is on. top democrats, are they on the same page with each other. a possible split that could change the whole deal. bill were dozens of homes damaged. it appeared to be a horrible accident but now there a murder investigation. >> it woke me up and i pulled up and it just kept shake. it's crumbling. the house is going to crumble on us.
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at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. martha: firefighters are battling a massive fire that is tearing through an industrial
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park. a haz mat team is combing through the fire. there is no word on what started it. bill: we are just hearing the egyptian president, mohammad morsi, the man who took over for hosni mubarak is telling reporters an ending to the conflict between israel and hamas but he has nothing to back that up. hillary clinton is travel together region. >> ultimately what we want to achieve is two states living side by side in peace and security. that its going to be much harder to achieve if you will have conflicts like what we have seen in gaza which make i'd much more difficult to pursue what is
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already an incredibly difficult challenge. we need to walk through the door of restoring calm to the region and restore the underlying challenges. nafhali bennett, thank you for being here. is there a cease-fire that's imminent? >> not yet. we have thousands of soldiers on the border ready to go in to defend ourselves from the rain of missiles that have been hitting our cities, including here in jerusalem. we are ready to defend ourselves. the only acceptable resolve to this situation is the total inability of hamas to fire missiles on our cities. bill: what does it mean that hillary clinton is going to
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jerusalem? >> i think that's good news, the main objective has to be to dismantle hamas. in the longer term we won't be able to have a terrorist regime next us. hamas is an died-type organization. in the short term the immediate need is to dry that well of missile launchers and missiles that keep being shot at us. bill: would hillary clinton be going to ramallah and jerusalem if there was no deal in the works, if it wasn' -- it wasn'tt to happen? >> i think there is something going not background. but anything less than a total cease-fire and the dismantling of their ability to start shooting on us two or three weeks on us.
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7 years ago we land over 100% of gaza to the palestinians and they found immediately an independent al qaeda-type state and independent state that immediately began shooting missiles ounce. this has to end. we cannot accept a terrorist regime. bill: the leader of hamas speaking in israel says israel and benjamin netanyahu is bluffing. what do you say to that? >> i think benjamin netanyahu is determined to protect us. i think hamas who started without any provocation, the full big rounds is killing its own children by hiding missile launchers within hospitals and kindergartens. this is a new sinister tactic. they are killing their own children in order to kill israelis. we have to stop it. i hope and believe prime
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minister netanyahu will protect the israeli nation. bill: you said what the israelis and netanyahu want is to make sure hamas can no longer fire any of these rockets. at this point in the conflict how close can you say israel has come to eliminating that threat? >> we made some good progress. we have taken out hundreds of missile launchers and a tremendous amount of infrastructure. terror infrastructure. also fortunately the head of the terror organization was killed. however, that's not enough. if we just pull out and have some sort of cease-fire, within a few days they will get organized and start shooting again. we have to clean it up or demand a dismantling of hamas. >> are you 50% of the way there, are you 75, are you 90% there?
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>> well, here is the problem, bill. i think we are 50% there but they keep importing new missiles from egypt. it comes from iran through egypt and into the gaza strip. if we don't create a buffer zone and put a wall there that stops the constant inflow of missiles it will be reversed and it will be as if we have done nothing. we have to stop that influx of missile launchers and missiles into the gaza strip. bill: this is the last question we want to get to especially as it relates to libya. is this not what benjamin netanyahu wanted in order to get the president of egypt newly crowned there to take a position on the gaza strip and prevent further weapons and weapons from going into gaza and also to test your iron dome system, a system that has proven to be very
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successful. at the same time you show hamas has rockets in its possession that were made in iran and can fly 45 miles in the air and hit neighborhoods in tel aviv and jerusalem. then you get the u.s. president supporting israel publicly? is that 4-4 and 5-5 for benjamin netanyahu in this conflict? >> i think it's a very good achievement. i'm happy president obama you a sports us and is supporting the right side of this conflict because there is right and wrong. the main thing at this point in time is for egypt to take responsibility on its border to stop any further inflow of missiles. and we have to at some point say enough is enough and that point in time is now. we are not going to accept any more missiles on our own children and here in israel. bill: . thank you very much, the former chief of staff of benjamin
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netanyahu. martha: the benghazi terror attack left four americans dead and a lot of questions about what happened that night. but what is lost in this story is justice. who did this and why have they not been arrested? it's more than two months now. >> when i requested resources and assets, instead of supporting those assets i was criticized and somehow it was my responsibility to come up with a plan on the ground and not the responsibility for d.s. i raised that specific point in a meeting with the d.s. director in march. that 60 days, there was no plan and it was hope everybody would get better.
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bill: this is video along the israeli-gaza border. the reason why it's significant. these are artillery shells being fired on behalf of the israeli army. we believe for the first time. shells launched into gaza. more on this moments away. martha: four men from southern california are now in custody. they are accused of plotting to wage violent jihad against military bases and other government facilities in that area. we learned one actually served in our armed forces. adam housley is live with usen this story. >> reporter: all four of the men are from the inland empire area of southern california. one did serve in the u.s. military, the u.s. air force back in 2001 and 2000. he's faced as the leader of
6:25 am
these four. upland, to mona and ontario. kabir was arrested in afghanistan. he traveled there in july to set up terrorist training for these four suspects. these four men took trips to las vegas, chicago and san diego. they planned on bombing u.s. sites overseas. if they are convicted they could serve up to 15 years in prison. pretty serious charges against all four of them. martha: what about ties between these men and the former leader law anwar al-awlaki. he was killed by a mortar in 2011 in yemen. it was a big get to get anwar al-awlaki.
6:26 am
these guys studied his teachings online. when he was killed they seemed to turn it up a notch. their violent jihad got more significant and they planned on going into afghanistan. the informant, fbi informant infiltrated these four men and helped the fbi bring them down. throughout the entire document, it says the informant tried to talk the men out of jihad. but they said they wanted to go to a much better place, so to speak. martha: thank you very much, adam housley. bill: day number two, you feeling better? we are in our new digs. i was a little off kilter yesterday. you will love all the new things we have in this studio. bill: they worked on this thing for two months before the election came around.
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weeks left to reach a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff. but the president and the house minority leader nancy pelosi on the same page? martha: a top lawmaker making serious charges against the consulate attack in libya. how he's saying two different time lines don't quite match up.
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bill: house intelligence head michael rogers says the time line released on the cia talking points conflicts with testimony given by the director of national intelligence. this as senator chuck grassley presses the defendants justice and the fbi on their roles in david petraeus' extramarital affair. catherine herridge with us from the beginning. what do the conflicting statements tell us? >> reporter: thursday in a classified session, the director of national intelligence and his counterparts came to capitol hill and said they didn't know who was responsible for changess to those cia talking points that minimized the role of terrorists in the attacks. now a spokesman says the intelligence community says the intelligence communities was
6:32 am
behind the changes that stripped out changes including al qaeda. the. lawmakers were given a completely different account of what happened. quote, chairman rogers looks forward to discussing this new explanation with director clapper as soon as possible to understand how the dni reached this conclusion and why leaders of the intelligence community testified they were unaware of who changed the talking points. this is a very serious charge because testimony on the hill last week is considered sworn testimony. bill: what is the latest on the cia talking points we discovered? >> reporter: the ranging member of the senate judiciary committee is now asking fear detailed briefing before the end of next week on the legal authorities obtained to monitor the former cia director's e-mail by the fbi and the legal analysis that the fbi and the justice department did not need to notify the white house of the
6:33 am
ongoing investigation. and these questions go to the heart of the investigation fan the notification process and why the attorney general or eric holder believed he had the legal authority not to advise congress or the president given their national security interests. martha: meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton will testify at the next hearing on the benghazi attacks. that is set to take place in early december it's going to be an open hearing, by the way. republican lawmakers say the obama administration is not being up front about what happened. pete king says these hearings are really we have to remember about the families of these four victims. >> it would be easier for the country and for our foreign policy if we have the administration be honest and come forward and say what happened.
6:34 am
if susan rice has to testify we have to get to the bottom line. this goes beyond susan rice and republicans and democrats. we have four solid good americans who were killed that day and they were murder and we have an obligation to them, their families and our country to find out what happened. martha: what is going on in an effort to find out what happened. that is a question we'll take up with john bolton. former ambassador to the united nations. good morning, sir. we get so tabled up in the discussion about the videotape and susan rice, and i wonder what's going on with this investigation. we know they took one person into custody, alharzi, he was taken to turkey then tunisia, the fbi said they expect they will be able to interview him over the next several days. we are two months out and it seems to me nowhere in this. >> there are two problems.
6:35 am
one is to treat this like it's a criminal investigation. this is not a criminal investigation. it was an acts of terrorism against the consulate. and we have blown lots of opportunities to find evidence on the scene, that the consulate wasn't secured for days and days. obviously the perpetrators aren't hangouts on street corners waiting to get picked up. we lops the opportunity to question this particular individual weeks and weeks ago when his testimony would have been a lot fresher. so i think pursuing this as a law enforcement matter was wrong to begin with. but number two precisely because it's over two months and there has been no retribution, no retaliation. maybe something is in the works, i hope so. about it hasn't happened yet. at the same time we have gaza nearly on fire. the risk to americans in diplomatic facilities around the middle east and private citizens
6:36 am
is very akite. martha: i understand what you are saying in terms of a law enforcement issue versus a larger resurgence of al-qaeda issue. but it still matters in terms of tracking these people down and then hopefully uncovering figuring out who they arelinged to who may be getting ready to launch future attacks on other embassies and do similar things. >> i'm not sure the fbi is the agency to do that. i'm sure they have forensic skills that could have been applied to the consulate ground itself if they had been able to get into libya in time to do it. i think it's due to ought counter-terrorism efforts of the cia and the intelligence community who are most likely to find out who did it and use rendition to get these people to guantanamo bay and try gentle
6:37 am
persuasion to see what happened. martha: we heard how libyans carried chris stevens body to the hospital, they tried to save him. i think it's interesting the libyan government is reporting they have to suspects and no leads in this case. what does that say about their cooperation with us? >> i think it goes to the basic problem of the repeated requests for security enhancement from ambassador stevens and others. the shows the absence of adequate protection was almost an invitation for this kind of attack. that's one of the areas of responsibility we should not lose sight of. why was the consulate so vulnerable on september 11. while we pursue this increasingly ridiculous story that the whole affair was caused by the youtube video.
6:38 am
martha: we are about to hear from hillary clinton in the beginning of december. a lot of people think she should have been out front answering questions about the state department's oversight of this consulate. what would you hope would be asked of hillary clinton when she attend that open hearing? >> the first series of questions should be why the state department did not respond to what were obviously herrer t obe obviously herre merittous reque. did she talk to the president or susan rice about it? did susan rice talk to the president between september 11 and her appearance on theth? there are a lot of unanswered questions. we are getting this in a disorganized fashion between multiple congressional inquiries. i'm afraid this is going to fall between the cracks at the
6:39 am
moment. martha: thank you very much. good to see you, sir. bill: a quick check of the markets. they have been trading in new york for 8 full minutes and we are off 50 points in trading. hewlett packard took a huge hit. a british company it bought a year ago lied about its finances. just weeks ago now before almost every american sees their taxes go higher. are lawmakers closer to a deal on a fiscal cliff? and if not, what's the fallout. >> when they surveyed the destructive market consequences created by the federal debt they shake their heads and think these are self-inflicted head wounds. why is this still happening. in the case of the sequester they even need to plan for layoffs.
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bill: six weeks to go before lawmakers reach a deal and the spending hikes go into effect. i talked to a leading republican and i asked him about recent comments from the house minority leader nancy pelosi indicating she one sift on tax hikes for the wealthy to reach a deal. mccarthy seemed to suggest that's not what he's hearing from president obama. >> the president isn't saying that. nancy said last may it had to be a tax increase on those a million or more. she keeps changing the game plan. if the president just went and changed the tax rates that pays for 8 days. where .we go from there. the president also says he weren't a balanced approach. we haven't heard where his cuts are. bill: if lawmakers don't reach a
6:44 am
deal 108 million americans will be affected. we'll see their tax go up by $3,500. 85% of households will see their taxes increase. andrea tantaros, 20% of "the five." >> if you watched "the five" yesterday you will see bob guzzled a milkshake maid of four twinkies. then he ran off the set because he became ill. >> bob didn't show this morning. everyone is looking for him. bill: i think it's unable. he probably has a bad tummy. playing the role of bob beckel will be martha maccallum. kevin mccarthy was threading the needle carefully during that interview. but his bottom line is the president is not saying what
6:45 am
nancy pelosi is saying. >> i think nancy pelosi represents a more liberal wing. and i think the president is closer to coming to a deal with john boehner. if bob is here he would say that deal has already been done. i think that has to do with revenue. the republicans have been hesitant to come to the table eliminating deductions. will it be an enormous package? probably not. i think the president has blinked on tax increased before. i think he's likely to do it again. i just don't think there is the political appetite within the democratic caucus, particularly in the senate where harry reid has a number of moderate democrats to actually pass big tax reforms on the wealthy. bill: you would argue the president is more willing to do a big grand bargain more so than democrats in the house or maybe
6:46 am
even democrats in the senate. >> the problem and we don't know how this is going to turn unions are pulling the president far to the left. if the president were to move on significant tax increases. republicans would make him pay with sweeping changes to entitlement reforms and that's not what the unions want. bill: what i heard from mccarthy is you have to do overall tax reform. do you think that this president has shown the inclination to doing a big broad tax reform deal? >> i think this time around he realized it's the only way to find common ground. if you remember in his jobs plan that he tried to pass but didn't pass the senate last year, there were some eliminations that were pretty controversial. remember it was a charitable deduction elimination. a lot of his base were upset about this. this could be on the table again. that hurts a lot of people in
6:47 am
need. that's one area you will see them come together on revenue and agreement on deductions this time around. bill: i'm reading the deal will likely be about revenue. they can't tax enough to fill that deep hole that we dug for ourselves. >> even. they got tax increases on the wealthy it would fund the government for six days? this has to be broard. what john boehner did was very, very shrewd. he said to the government, you have been silent on this. we are waiting for your recommendations. you want to make spending cuts? you are open to revenue abduction eliminations, you tell us, mr. president, what you would like. bill: boehner says they were close to doing it last time and the president lost his nerve. but both men are facing the possibility of crossing the threshold of history if they lock arms. >> there is so much uncertainty
6:48 am
for businesses and individuals. the "wall street journal" had a report out yesterday saying there is so much uncertainty we could slip into another recession over this fiscal cliff. let's hope they can do their jobs for once. bill: you go find beckel, will you? >> it's not my turn to baby sit. we'll find him by 5:00. bill: it takes four you to baby sit him. to our viewers, have you got a question in e-mail us or on twitter @bill hemmer. this is coming up. we have dozens of house republicans formally opposing susan rice's nomination as secretary of state. some democrats are saying it's about 60'sism and racism. bill: there is a dramatic twist
6:49 am
in an explosion that leveled a neighborhood. what police think may have happened that has folks who live in that neighborhood absolutely stunned. >> it looked like a war zone. the house shook. things falling off the walls. >> we heard people yelling. we pulled out two daughters. the husband was trapped under a lot of debris, we got him out. the wife was trapped in a recliner and we got her out before the flames took that house over. i love the holidays.
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bill: workers from the parks and wildlife department removing thousands of koi fish illegally released in a lake in boulder. officials think the fish may be
6:53 am
damaging the natural environment. >> they are introducing disease that did not exist in this environment. they will take over the fishery. bill: they are beautiful, though. they get really big. they caught close to 2,000. the fish will be taken to a bird rehabilitation center to feed eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. you definitely lose. martha: there is a shocking twist in the indianapolis house explosion story we brought you last week. two people lost their lives and it leveled an entire neighborhood. a marion county prosecutor says the blast is now a homicide case. eric shawn is live in our studio. look at this shot. >> reporter: good morning. usually when a house explodes the cause is a tragic accident from a natural gas leak. but in indianapolis police are
6:54 am
searching for a mysterious white van that police say was parked in front of that house that blew up. neighbors say the van was 15 years old. it had no windows it was parked in front of that house on and off for several weeks and it raised suspicions. that explosion on a saturday afternoon flattened five homes and damaged 81 others in a subdivision, killing two neighbors. the couple are divorced and filed for bankruptcy. the ex-husband says he received atext message from the daughter saying something was wrong with the furnace. at the time of the explosion shirley was at a casino with her boyfriend. >> what the families are going through -- -- there is another side to this. and there is a search for truth,
6:55 am
and there is a search for justice. >> it turns out shirley's boyfriend has a long criminal record. martha: what do we know about the victims? >> reporter: the blast did kill the couple that live next door. they are 34 and 36 years old. she was a second grade teacher who made gifts for her students and her house was an electronics expert who worked at a home entertainment company. one friend wrote to a local newspaper calling dion a caring soul. martha: what an awful story. if there was any criminal intent it will deepen the tragedy there. thank you very much. >> there is time, it's running out for a truce in the middle east as a leading american cabinet member travels to jerusalem. we'll have the details on that
6:56 am
story. >> a monster storm battering two states turning streets into rivers. i'll be right back. [ gordon ] for some this line is a convenience. how you doing today? i'm good thanks. how are you? i'm good. [ gordon ] but for others, it's all they can afford. every day nearly nine million older americans don't have enough to eat. anything else? no, not today. join me, aarp, and aarp foundion in the drive to end hunger by visiting or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: egyptian president mohammed morsi predicting and in the fighting between israel and gaza strip a perhaps within hours. you would not know it hearing the sirens blaring this hour. there is a scheduled arrival of secretary hillary clinton. this is now we start a brand-new "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. so far no evidence of that claim by president morsi. secretary clinton left a meeting with president obama. her first stop will be a meeting
7:00 am
with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. martha: steven hayes, good morning to you, what do you expect to khreup hillary clinton's visit? >> i think it's an important visit. right now israel needs the united states to be a strong advocate and ally. if you look forward and look at the landscape that is facing israel, particularly over the next year, both in the short term fighting with hamas and then in the long term when you look at potential unrest in syria, in iran, in the region generally, i think this. during this fight the united states needs to signal that we are going to be with israel and going to be a strong ally from the outset and throughout whatever difficulties may arise. martha: anyone who has watched the situation knows there has about in the past been tensions between benjamin netanyahu and president obama. is that perhaps why hillary is the one to go or is it too early for presidential involvement.
7:01 am
>> i think it's too early. she is there to set the stage for things likely to come. we saw the president come out and issue a rather trapbg statemenstatement of support for israel. the increase in the amount of rocket fire coming from gaza, you had hillary clinton now set to meet with benjamin netanyahu, i think trying to do two things, basically, the first she wants to avoid a ground war. i think the united states government doesn't want to see this progress or escalate. second, i think she is trying to buy the united states a little wiggle room and flexibility when it comes to the bigger issue of iran and mi immediate talks about the nuclear program there. martha: it is so different than the last time we saw a battle between hamas and israel. the entire region has changed after the arab spring. hamas has more support in terms of the muslim brotherhood and
7:02 am
egypt and other areas. how does that change the dynamic when hillary clinton goes in there. clearly the ability to broker a cease-fire this this entire situation would be a big plus for the obama administration as it gets started in administration number two. >> i think it would help the obama administration in the short term. look at who the negotiators are. in egypt you've got the muslim brotherhood-led government of mohammed morsi, the muslim brotherhood being sort of the parent organization of hamas in the gaza strip. you've got qatar which has been funding hamas going back years and also very recently and you've got turkey where the prime minister said in recent days that israel is a terrorist state. you've got those three groups as part of this negotiation. then you've got the united states and israel and some other players there. i think it's very important that the united states come out early and say we are going to be with israel. all of the campaign talk that we
7:03 am
heard now going over the past year, the campaign year, now is really the time to deliver on that and to say that we are going to stand with israel as the region looks at this year, or couple of years of uncertainty. martha: yeah, israel is so isolated at this moment, more so than we have seen in a long, longtime. we give a ton of money to egypt. before i let you go, steve, how much of a leverage is that in these discussions that hillary clinton will have with mohammed morsi, and he really needs to show his colors in terms of where he stands in all this to enjoy the continued support ever the united states. >> i think that's right. we ought to use that as leverage. there is a reason that we do it. you've seen over the past year, the changing dynamics there, you've seen an unwillingness or hesitation on the part of the united states to use that leverage. i would say now is the time to make sure, to make clear that we expect egypt to continue its role, its historical role as a good-faith negotiator and not to
7:04 am
sort of throw in with its muslim brotherhood allies in hamas but instead try to play the role of a serious diplomat and mediator. martha: big important moment to show leadership for the united states as you say, steve, and for hillary clinton as she is likely in the waning months ofr. thank you very much. bill: as you suggested there, martha hillary clinton said she will not be back in her post for a second term but it looks like the attorney general eric holder will honor the president's request that he stay on at least for a while. he's expected to remain on the job for about a year. treasury secretary timothy geithner has said he will be leaving his position and former cia director david petraeus has already resigned over the extramarital affair. nato agreeing to supply turkey with an advanced patriot missile system. they say that deployment will help the country guard the spill
7:05 am
over. turkey has expressed serious concerns about the increasing violence taking place along the southern border with syria. martha: this has become very complex. back home there is a look at the capitol today. we are less than six weeks from the fiscal cliff that we've been discussing a lot in recent days. what exactly is on the chopping block, in terms of real spending cuts as they start to make some kind of negotiations here we hope. chief congressional correspondent michaele salahi emanuel is live. 16trillion and counting is the debt. what are she's lawmakers perhaps making cuts in. >> you can cut individual perhaps from congressional spending but it won't amount to what is needed. here is what to cut starting with entitlements. >> if you're 14 years old and you're hoping you'll have medicare or social security the
7:06 am
future looks very, very bleak for you unless we deal with this issues. there are a number of things that can be done but you've got to start with what is driving the cost. >> i'm not being critical but the department of defense can in my estimation have some cuts, and it's not fatal at all, because there has been a large growth as far as the contracting, and the amount of private contractors, and the amount of money we pay private contractors. >> reporter: both senators are former governors who have been required to make tough choices when it comes to balancing state budgets. martha: we've heard the call to raise taxes on the wealthy. he said are there other options that involve actual cuts. >> reporter: republicans say they are open to more revenue through removing some deductions. democrats would like higher income folks to pay more. one expert i talked to says there are more creative ways to save money. >> there is an inclination on one side to raise taxes because the president's argument is the wealthy should make a little more sacrifices. there is another option to that, and that is instead of raising
7:07 am
their taxes why not reduce their subsidies, why not give wealthy people less in medicare. it makes no sense that they should get the same benefits as people with lower income ranges. there are lots of options. >> reporter: part of the fiscal cliff are the domestic cuts, so the white house and congress have less than six weeks to figure out what they are willing to cut. martha: they have a lot of work to do. thank you very much. mike emanuel in washington. bill: fox news alert just in time for thanksgiving the big holiday season that follows, the day after and a large potential strike looming at the largest retailer in america on one of the biggest days of the year. walmart is now fighting back against that possibility. thousands of workers threatening to walk off the job over what they say is low pay and poor health benefits. >> pay is an issue for some of us, a lot of us tired of living in poverty. a lot of us on food stamps. >> i don't know if i should go
7:08 am
with my morals or just go with my need to have an income at the moment. bill: what is this all about? cheryl casoni host of cash an fox business channel, what is this about. >> reporter: this is about a union that has been trying to bet in the door at walmart. walmart has been at odds with this union. they are going to the nrb, they reached out to them and they will make a decision on this issue. the could be violating federal labor laws buybacking these protestess that will be happening on black friday. we are looking at protests in miami, los angeles. across the country. the workers is one issue. the union is the other problem. it's the ufcw. the right now they are taking affidavits from some of the employees at walmart, those that
7:09 am
want to do this protest, also from managers at walmart. the decision could come down today, that decision will give us the go ahead either to protest or to not protest on black friday, which is a huge day. bill: it sure is. to be clear now there are employees of walmart that are not in the union. >> reporter: yes. bill: and there are employees of walmart who are. >> reporter: these are workers who are not in the union. in union is trying to unionize into walmart. that is a fight that's been going on for years between walmart and this union. at this point it's over pay, it's over healthcare, as you mentioned. these are the main issues for these workers and also more full time jobs. that is why it's gone to the national labor relations board because this could be again something that is going to be illegally done at walmart stores across the country. bill: that will be on friday. what does walmart say about this. >> reporter: walmart has declined to comment at least for now. they filed this complaint with the nrb on friday.
7:10 am
they said they will expedite your complaint. they are trying to work through the national labor relations board right now. they will be opening the night prior are, business will be going on as usual as walmart. this is a fight that goes back years, it's not just about black friday, it's not that somebody wants to work a holiday this week because they work for walmart it's a different issues. bill: big company, 1.4 billion workers. cheryl, thank you. martha: the president is being warned against promoting u.n. ambassador susan rice. under fire about her incorrect statements about what happened in benghazi, but democrats say the attacks on rice are about race and gender. we will talk to kelly ayotte and see what she thinks about that.
7:11 am
bill: feeling the heat from a major -- >> we don't have the estimate on the grid impact, we are still working on that. if you look through the downtown area the majority of it is dark except for the people who do have generators. there is a fairly substantial impact. copd makes it hard to breathe,
7:12 am
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martha: sad news to report now that former senator from new hampshire warn rudman has passed away at the age of 82. he is best known for the graham rudman legislation that he coahh authored which was really one of the major attempts to reign in spend nothing congress and it echoes a lot of discussion that was going on right now because it forced congress to adhere to certain spending caps, and if they exceeded them then a sequester to quick in, that word sounds familiar, right, that would lead to defense cuts. it met with some success, some
7:15 am
might say, over the course of those years. senator warren rudman has passed away, a new hampshire senator at the age of 82. we want to bring in senator kelly ayotte who really followed in his footsteps in many ways in new hampshire, becoming attorney general herself as he did and taking overt senate seat that he once weld. welcome, good to have you here, your thoughts on his passing today? >> thigh thoughts, we have lost someone who was an incredible public servant, leader for our country and new hampshire. not only did he serve as attorney general where he was an incredible attorney general, tough on crime, someone who modernized the attorney general's office here in new hampshire but nationally when he served in the senate he focused on the debt with graham rudman hollings. he did incredible work defending our country. iran contra he was very involved
7:16 am
in those hearings. we have lost a tremendous leader for our country today, someone here in new hampshire that we admire for his service to our state, and i know that our thoughts and prayers are with his family, an incredible legacy of public service. i consider him a role model and a mentor. martha: well, thank you, kelly, for giving him that tribute and being able to recognize him in that way. and our thoughts and prayers are with his family as well. a lot of people should recognize the legacy that he left, not only in new hampshire but on capitol hill as well. i do want to address the issue that we also brought you here to talk about today, which i know is very important to you as well, because nearly 100 house republicans are now formally opposing ambassador sues than rice' potential nomination, hasn't even been made yet as secretary of state saying that she quote misled americans on the benghazi attacks. this as a group of female democratic lawmakers are slamming those republicans for
7:17 am
even criticizing rice. watch this. >> all of the things that they have disliked about things that have gone on in this administration, they have never called a male unqualified, not bright, not trust worth thaoefplt trustworthy. i don't recall it ever happening. they didn't even say that about general petraeus who they are all up in arms about. there is a clear, in my opinion, a clear sexism and racism that goes with the comments being made by unfortunately senator mccain and others. martha: this is shaping up to be quite a battle. back to new hampshire now, republican senator kelly ayotte said she would put a hold on the nomination of susan rice until some important questions are answered. what do you think about those charges from congresswoman fudge? >> very disappointing, nothing could be farther from the truth. i mean the reality is is that it's really important that we ask the serious questions that need to be answered.
7:18 am
if ambassador rice is going to be nominated to be secretary of state that's an incredibly important position, and we need someone who is going to do more than just remeet talking points. we need someone who is going to ask serious questions, show a level of independence. i don't understand why she went on every major news network, and if she had nothing to do with benge, and we know that is the says, why aren't you sending the secretary of state on there, the secretary of defense, the director of the cia. this is very important we get to the bottom of this. i think was it racist or sexist when 13 democrats voted gains condoleezzaa rice? no, our job in the senate is to look at each person's qualifications, particularly for an important job like secretary of state. commentators are raising concerns about her performance and qualifications.
7:19 am
it's disappoint tog hear this. marthaing hear this. martha: won't you hope that we're at a time that you're judged on the job you've done or not based on your color or gender? i would think that ensues and rice would look at this situation and say, you know what, let's leave all that on the table, because that is not what this is about. let's talk about my abilities to do the job. i'm sure she feels she is very qualified to do that job. it is very disturbing i think that this is what is being leveled and i think it would diminish her career that it's even being raised by some of these democrats in the house. >> martha, i think it is very disappointing and diminishing, because women, men, we are all want to be judged on our qualifications and performance, and the criticisms that have been about raised are about her performance aeu . and i think it's fair to ask about her qualifications that
7:20 am
have already been raised by other commentators. a job as are important as secretary of state to our country, would i point out, don't think it's important that a secretary of state is someone who will go and more than just get on a talking show and repeat talking points? these are questions that need to be answered before she would be -- by the way the president hasn't nominated here yet. there will be confirmation hearings. we will hear her explanation as to why she went on every show. and now we what really occurred in benghazi. martha: i heard someone say well this is a huge mistake for republicans to go after susan rice in anyway, because they just lost an election, they lost the female vote, they lost the black vote in americament what a huge mistake, the optics are terrible for this. what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction is, again, it's really important, think about it, let's take it out of this
7:21 am
election context. if it had been a george bush ambassador to the u.n. that went on every single news network and miss rupte misrepresented the facts about a terrorist attacks and didn't raise serious questions wouldn't that be a fair question that we would ask if we turned it around? i think the people would expect us to carefully vet these positions. i think we are doing our job. we've got to take it back to the big picture. i'm really hoping that we need to the get to the bottom of what happened. why wasn't that consulate secured? why didn't the military respond in time? we still haven't got even answers to those questions. martha: senator, thank you. you you would think that ambassador rice would want to know why she was told to go on with less than complete information. >> she might be angry about that as well. i'd like to know what she thinks about it. martha: thank you so much, senator, anchor thank you for your thoughts on sends rudman as well. good to have you with us today.
7:22 am
>> thank you, martha. bill: more than a dozen states saying no to obamacare. the governor of one of those states will join us in a moment live to tell us why. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: it's more than seven months since fort bragg shoulder kelly bordeaux mysteriously vanished. her family's quest for answers is more than ever. she failed to show up at the base on a monday. she was last seen with friends at a local bar the friday before. anyone with information on bordeaux's whereabouts is urged to call local police or crime stoppers at the number on the screen. bill: get some answers there. in the meantime as new york and new jersey tries to get back to normal after the impact of that
7:26 am
super storm the city is now moving ahead with a plan for a massive cleanup. there are plans for demolishing hundreds of homes that suffered the most damage. rick leventhal is back on staten island now with more there. rick, good morning. >> reporter: bill, the city says it plans to tear down at least 200 of the hardest hit homes in brooklyn, queens and staten island next time in the next few weeks and hundreds more homes may also have to be rased. the city isn't saying which ones. houses like these that are knocked off their foundations are -ts mos the most likely to have to be torn down. the people on staten island are talking about a six year to one month moratorium on anyone who wants to rebuild their damaged homes until they can study the topography, the beaches, and they are talking about new regulations that may have to go into effect. some of these homes may have
7:27 am
basketball rebuilt with brick, or on stilts with ten feet high or with electrical systems well off the ground. the folks here getting mixed messages, most say they want to rebuild but realize changes may have to be made, listen. >> i don't know that a house would be high enough for me to live here, to tell you the truth, with that ocean. i can't hold back the ocean, none of us could. we've been devastated here. >> absolutely rebuild. these are our homes. my family has been here since the 1920s. these are our homes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. we're coming back. >> reporter: a lot of questions still for many of these questions, bill, and not a lot of answers yet from the city. one thing is clear, these neighborhoods are not going to look the same moving forward. bill: it's been an ugly scene, it could get a lot uglier soon. thank you. staten island with us this morning. martha. martha: an important announcement is expected from the obama administration today as yet another state refuses the healthcare exchange that is
7:28 am
required by law. bill: deadly winter storms pounding the pacific northwest, and the worst may not be over. maria molina is tracking that storm, only 48 hours away from turkey day. back on that. t me guess -- more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: let's go to the fox extreme weather center for a moment, because there is now deadly flooding that is going on in the pacific northwest. washington and oregon battered by a series of storms, heavy
7:32 am
rains in the streets there and triggering a dozen mudslides. wind gusts clocked at nearly a hundred miles an hour and that surely will take down the trees and it will cut the power as it has to 50,000 people, and the storms there are not over yet. hang in there. bill: there is an announcement about the new healthcare law expected today from the obama administration, while more governors say that they go public saying that they will not put the law into action. at least 16 states so far, this report surfaced that the health and human services department will step in and create insurance exchanges for the states that are not willing to set them up. the governor of one of those states is robert bentley, republican from alabama. good morning to you governor and thank you for your time here. >> good morning. and thank you for having me. bill: why a no-go on obama care in alabama? >> i've been opposed to this legislation from its inception. as a physician i have felt that
7:33 am
this is not the way we need to go in this country, and i do believe that we need accessible and affordable healthcare, but certainly not what has been proposed by the federal government. bill: the question is why, though, is it money, implementation, what is it? >> i think there are several reasons. number one is i think that what has been proposed is unworkable. and of course we have -- we've had the choice of whether or not to set up a state-run exchange or a partnership, or whether or not the federal government will set up a federal facilitated exchange. actually i don't believe that a federal facilitated exchange is constitutional. bill: i'm reading a quote from you about the affordable care act, the aca, you call it the single worse piece of legislation to be passed in your lifetime. >> i agree with that. bill: what is so bad with it. >> 2700 pages, 17,000 pages of
7:34 am
regulations, only a third of those have been set up, it is an unworkable law, and i don't believe that the federal government will be able to come in and set up federally facilitated exchanges. as i said i think that's unconstitutional and i think it's already been ruled in prince versus united states in 1997. this was cited in the 7-two-ma2 two-man date ruling that the courts ruled on. we don't believe it's constitutional. if we don't set up our federal exchange. that's what the federal government wants us to do. they want tonight to have to come in and set up the exchanges. we think half the states or more will not set up a state exchange or partnership exchange. bill: you talk about a tax burden in alabama of $50 million plus. the other side says you're playing politics on this and leaving a lot of money on the table that could otherwise be
7:35 am
spent helping the people of alabama. what do you think about that charge? >> let me first answer that first question. it will cost -- if we set up a state exchange they will give us money to set it up, but those who are in the exchange have to pay for that with fees and taxes. and in alabama we estimate that will cost the people of alabama approximately $50 million annually, and we just can't afford that. bill: do you have any idea what the health and service director will say today, kathleen sebelius. >> i have no idea what they will say. honestly, i think that when we have half of the states that refuse to set up a state exchange, it makes it very difficult for them to implement this law. it is not a forgone conclusion that this law that has been passed, that it will be implemented. it is not a forgone conclusion that that will occur. bill: just one more question then. do you expect based on the series of answers you've just
7:36 am
given us here today, that this goes back to the u.s. supreme court, fought on different grounds legally? >> i do. bill: governor, thank you. robert bentley is the governor of alabama, he's a no-go on obama care for now, sir. thank you for your time and we'll see what kathleen sebelius says at the noon eastern hour from washington. martha: republican rising star senator marco rubio says it is time to take action on an issue that has been tough for his party in the past. >> one million people immigrate here legally. no other country comes close to that figure. but the system needs to be mourned tphaoeudz. marthato be modernized. martha: why the homeland security department is welcoming immigrants with benefits. bill: check out this guy, he's a nascar driver. he's a tweeter from all the
7:37 am
wrong places. he is live in our studio in a matter of minutes. check him out. he's a rebel. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. bill: we are 20 minutes now before the hour. some of our top stories now, 24-hour protest is underway at the oakland international airport and the port of oakland, hundreds of workers expected to take part proceed testing their pay and benefits. officials say that disruptions are likely. bad news for the world's largest consume er consumer electronics change. best buy decline in sales days after the holiday shopping. paula broadwell hiring a high profile pr firm to represent her as she's investigated for her handling of classified
7:41 am
materials, apparently at her house. martha: all right. more than a hundred million americans already getting some kind of government check in the mail, and now the department of homeland security is promoting welfare benefits to new immigrants on wear website. they say welcome to the a website that outlines it all. depending on your immigration status, length of time in the united states and income you may be eligible for some federal benefit programs. this as republican senator marco rubio says it is time to change the immigration system ph thi in this country. here he is. >> i think we need to modernize the legal immigration system. this is the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigrants. 1million people immigrate here legally. no other country comes close to that figure. the system needs to be modernized. martha: we'll hear a lot more about that in the coming weeks and months and years that head up to the next presidential
7:42 am
election i expect. santitas jackson and michael graham join us. good to have both of you here this morning. michael, it's interesting when you look at this website, this government website where they are directing new immigrants it also goes onto say, frequently it's difficult to access such benefits. benefit programs can be complicated and you may be given misleading information about how they operate. it's like one arm much the government saying the other guys are really going to confuse you, so be ware it's tough to and a half great these government reb sites. what do yo say it's tough to and a half great these web sites. >> if you're coming here because someone figured out that i want to live in america, everything free in america there is no -- no country in the world says, hey, send us your deadbeats so we can put them on the deadbeat doll as soon as they arrive
7:43 am
much. it's a crazy message and a slap in the case to the millions and millions of illegal immigrants that come here and work and their tax dollars go to pay bumps to lift up our system. it is insane. >> santita, what do you say with apologies to leonard person stein there. >> let me tell you something. that is all right. i think we are aiming at the wrong target. during hurricane katrina we saw what corporations were pushing our government to do, to drop affirmative action standards, to relax immigration requirements so the corporation could go to mexico, and as far as way as thailand to bring in workers, and pay them less and go past american workers. i think we ned to look at the policies that are being driven by the corporations that enable these workers to -- that are getting these workers into the united states so they can work for wages. many corporations are paying workers substandard -- they are not able to afford healthcare.
7:44 am
there is something else going on here. i'm not a con conspiracy cyst but i want to know what else is going on beyond this. >> i know the corporations don't make the law, we make the law. i know that it's the obama administration that is promoting welfare use and benefits use by immigrants. we are talking about legal immigrants. the whole premise of coming here is to get away from need, to make something out of yourself. there is also something else that is disturbing . according to the obama administration every time you give out food stamps and unemployment checks you're helping the economy. it's pelosinomics, she said this past week what a great way to create jobs. martha: you've got 47 people people on food stamps, that number goes up and up and up every year. we have seen somewhat of a marketing campaign to make sure that people know about it and have easy access to those benefits. is that really where we want to spend our energy in terms of increasing the numbers of people who rely on government benefits or do we want to increase the numbers of people who don't need
7:45 am
them? >> oh, absolutely. i am not for dependency, i am for help when people need it. that said i think we need to look at what has happened before so that it does not happen again. these corporations went outside of our borders when we had american workers who needed jobs, who needed to cleanup the cities in which they lived and we went past them so we could bring in people, pay them less and treat them poorly. we don't need to do that. i agree with you we do not need to create a system in which people depend upon the system, that does not encourage people buying into the american dream, but we need to encourage corporations who help to lobby the government and change the policies not to turn our dream into a nightmare. martha: marco rubio has been very outspoken, michael on the way that he wants to see immigration changed in this country. some people think that if mitt romney had got even on board with the legislation that marco rubio wanted to propose in the senate things might have gonna little bit differently in the election. what do you think your side needs to do to create an
7:46 am
immigration reform environment that is better all around? >> well, as a guy -- i refuse to take any responsibility for the disaster that is mitt romney. but you don't win by saying that we are not going to apply the laws equally to all people. everybody who wants to come here legally should be able to go through the process and come here legally. to reward the people for breaking the law is an insult to all of the legal immigrants, whether from brazil or ireland who have done it it the right way. i think people like myself who want this nation to be a nation of leaguele immigrants should stand up on behalf of legal immigrants instead of attacking illegal immigrants. you don't need a culture war. stand up for what makes america great. work and the rule of law. martha: last word from santita. >> i agree with you. >> you changed your mind. >> happy thanksgiving to you,
7:47 am
sweetheart. we need to have a system in which everyone can be treated fairly. we don't want people to be disadvantaged when they are brought to the united states of america. that's all i'm saying again. it's happened before, it should not happen again. martha: happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> god bless you and my love to bill. martha: we love you too. happy thanksgiving all around. thanks you guys. we'll see you soon. bill: got breaking news, word out of jerusalem moments ago the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying in a press conference there with the head of the u.n. says that his country will be a willing partner in a cease-fire. this is critical, because the newly appointed president of egypt, about three hours ago, mohammed morsi said that both sides would like the news that he is willing to deliver in a few hours time. now we're still waiting on that news. we are still waiting on the secretary of state hillary clinton to arrive in jerusalem. but the word from benjamin netanyahu is that he would be a willing partner. is that defined?
7:48 am
what does that mean? that is something we are waiting to fill in here. so when we get details on that we'll have them for. martha: the wheels start turning on that before hillary clinton arrives and they can put their head together aniston the violence. bill: she's going to go to jerusalem, and cairo, with the sepgs o exception of gaza city. bill: fighting to keep a 60-year-old tradition going people are fighting. martha: nascar champion brad cowalousky joins us live in the studio here. we'll be back.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
martha: atheists seem to have ended a 60-year-old christmas
7:52 am
tradition in santa monica, california. way to go, right? district judge audrey b. collins denying a request to allow the display of religious nativity while their lawsuit plays out against the city. >> it was something i grew up nothing. i think it' knowing. i think it's kind of sad. martha: they are trying to put a stop to it in that town. the city council passed a measure on the heels of a dispute last winter after atheists put up these displays with anti-god sentiment. the judge says the displays were starting to drain city resources. bill: how about that. some are calling him the new face of nascar, and he just won the nascar sprint cup title. brad keselowski is with me now in studio and this guy has a story to tell. hey, man congratulations first of all. >> thank you very much. bill: we were down in your new home of charlotte for the
7:53 am
democratic national convention. here is my question for you, though, how do you feel about 28 years old, breaking the penske string of losing since the early 70s and being a champ. >> i feel very fortunate. i'm a product of a great team at pen key racing and everything came together this year. we have talent and resources and hard-working ethics and you put that taogt with the righ that together with the right timing and you've got a champion. >> people are calling you the new face of nascar. >> it's great. i'll take it. bill: you like that. >> i love it, i do, i want the ball. that's my style. bill: and you won. we have a question for you. >> okay. bill: were you tweeting and driving? >> no, no, people have asked me about that. i sent out a couple of tweet -ts earlier. bill: let's set the table. you were in a race, right. >> uh-huh. bill: and you had an iphone in your car. >> yeah. bill: and what happened? >> i mean there was this big wreck by the way and this jet dryer exploded and we had to stop the race.
7:54 am
so the race gets stopped and we are all just sitting in our cars and our parked engines are off. i said you know what would be really cool, this this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, the jet dryer just exploded, i should take a picture of this. what comes next, i should tweet this out. bill: what this looks like to me is you're bailing down the track at 195 miles an hour. >> no, we were all stopped right there. you could see the fire in front of us, and i thought, i'd like to have a photo of it. bill: just to be clear, this is the tweet that went out, with the fire my view, this light is as bright as the sun. there it is right there, okay. what i thought was was that you were tweeting and driving. >> no. if i was driving right there i would have gone right through that big fire and that wouldn't have been good at all. bill: you were at a dead stop. >> yes, sir. bill: apparently an iphone is not legal in the car. >> not any more. i'm a rule breaker and a rule maker at the same time.
7:55 am
i made a rule basically and then we couldn't have it any more. that's all right. bill: they said it would mess with the equipment in the car, do you buy that? >> there is always potential. there's plenty other ways for nascar to eupl bracing social media without having it in the car. bill: that is a great answer. apparently the officials talked to you. >> yeah, i got a little talking to, the you shouldn't do that again speech. bill: you're kind of a michigan rebel, aren't you. >> a little bit. i'm sometimes a rule breaker, sometimes a rule maker. bill: good luck to you okay. >> thank you very much. bill: you're a delight to have with us today and a good man to meet. to many victories ahead and congratulations on your early success. it's one heck of an american story. >> hopefully i'll be here a couple times with another championship. bill: we'd love to have you back. tweeting or not. >> by then there will be something new. martha: the u.s. is now getting involved in some rumbling peace negotiations that appear to be happening now in the middle east. new air raid sirens blaring in
7:56 am
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60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. bill: 5,000 years ago in the southern jungle of what is mexico the mayans made a 5,000 month calendar. in one month that calendar ends. we are posing the question, what happens then? >> this is the sepl pell of the inscriptions the final resting place of the beloved mine king who reigned here for nearly 70 years. under his rule mayan art, architectural and as strong knee flourished. >> the way they act out and even tere act with light and shadow is turning out to be a very richfield of stud reright now. >> there seems to have been an ancient idea to bring down the perfection of the heavens to earth and in some way to unite

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